Reaching the Limit

In Portugal, sterilisation of cats is not much of a thing. It’s expensive and cultural reasons also prevent it. Thereby, feral cats proliferate both in towns and rural areas. As responsible owners of 2 cats (both rescues) we have had them neutered, so as not to be part of the problem.

Last weekend someone unknown, who probably felt that the best they could do for these kittens was leave them with a foreigner, deposited these 2 in our garden overnight. What can you do? We don’t need them and we don’t want them or the additional responsibility but unless a good home can be found, I guess we’ll be stuck with them. They are gorgeous though …

Putting it out to the Universe that they are available for adoption if someone is available to take them on.

Mr Silversmith or Mary’s Last Journey

Not promising, that tomorrow I will take a coloured picture in different light – maybe. I rather like this page, with it’s many layers and Wyrd magic.

Number One cat is reserving critical judgement, as am I. I could never post this crazy stuff if I stopped to rate it’s quality!

Apropos nothing, the intention is for this blog to get a fresh injection of energy and for another person to re-evaluate it and make suggestions for direction and change. More on that later I suppose.