Myself, Castelo Branco, March 2014

Myself, Castelo Branco, March 2014

This is not my first incarnation of 13Moons, hence the “Redux”.  In fact it is the third; the original 13Moons on Blogger, morphed into Way Past 13 Moons, which is still current, however …

The migration to WordPress has begun.  Thanks to my friends and support network, we have a growing art group in our region of Beira Baixa, Portugal.  Art Group D’Acha has its’ own little blog on WordPress, which you can find here.  I have agreed to help manage that blog but I have no experience on this platform.  So it seemed like a sensible move to set up a personal blog which I can play around with until I get the hang of it.  It also means that I have a home for those random and sometimes “off the wall” posts which make up a blog of a more personal nature.

In the past, I never quite decided why exactly I had a blog at all and I have been unable, thus far, to keep to any posting schedule.  I am still working on that but my feeling is that the move to a new platform will give the impetus to inject some direction and new energy into my posts.

One major change, right from the start, is that in this blog, I have come out of the shadows (where my profile picture was literally my shadow) and stopped being reticent about who I am.  I have always been shy about people who know me in the flesh reading my posts and judging me differently because of them.  Perhaps it is because this year I am reaching a major milestone birthday, and certainly it is because one of the stated aims of Art Group D’Acha is to become public with our artwork.  So here I am, judge me as you will – I am no longer bothered.


2 thoughts on “Visibility

  1. Congratulations with your new blog, Jan. It’s a great start!
    Looks like our Art Group does much more for us than just improving our artistic skills. It opens our personal borders too. It feels scary but exiting…
    I am working on my own blog too. It is
    Have a look!

    • Thanks Irisha! I would never have done this without you and Deolinda. You both keep me motivated and encourage me to stretch and grow.

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