Graphite on 80g sketchbook paper

Graphite on 80g sketchbook paper

The Philosphers Mail is always such a good read.  Entertaining and thought provoking in equal measure, I only wish I could devote more time to reading and digesting it thoroughly.  I catch up with articles when Alain de Botton posts the link on Twitter (@alaindebotton).  I’m not sure if the articles he links to, are written by him or not.  I cannot work out who the authors are and, if anybody knows, or can work it out, please let me know.

This article is very timely since I am currently trying to develop my drawing skills.  What I found particularly interesting, was that John Ruskin (who anticipated the iPhone / ‘InstaBook’ generation in a sense) was not especially interested in a person becoming skilled at drawing but more to be skilled at recording their life and experiences.  I realise there are many active groups dedicated to daily sketching and sketching their lives and I wonder if they realise the debt they owe to Ruskin, the 19th century art critic.


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