Late Breakfast

Whey Pancake

Whey Pancake

One thing I always have in the fridge is a load of whey that needs using up.  This is because I make on average 2-3 litres of yogurt most weeks.  Whey is the bi-product from straining it (not essential but it makes the yogurt thick and yummy, like Greek style).  The dog gets most of it. as it is high in protein and good for making her biscuits less dry.  Then I regularly use it to make a quick chapati or roti style flat-bread – a handy lunch when we’ve overlooked the empty bread bin.  I like to make scones with it too.  My recipe for Whey Scones comes from Cindy’s Snowflakes, here.

Today I fancied pancakes for brunch and very good they were too.  It’s the first time out for this recipe, which came from King Arthur Flour, here.  Using wholemeal flour, omitting the sweetener and using the minimum oil (I used olive oil because it’s what I have), kept them healthy.  Also, cooking them on a cast iron griddle, without oil, as the recipe recommends, increased the healthy aspect.  I love to use my late Mother’s griddle.  It must be 60 years old and languished unused for many years, but now it is back in regular service – it would have made her very happy to see me get practical use from it.


2 thoughts on “Late Breakfast

    • Thank you for your comment and for the link, which I will find very useful. Yes, whey is a valuable product. I’m finding it very useful now I have got back into bread-making recently.

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