Copper Knob

Henna'd hair with parasol.

Henna’d hair with parasol.

When I was a little girl my mid brown hair was full of auburn highlights, that used to catch the light.  Up until my mid 20s, I was pretty proud of my hair – my crowning glory.  My father would tease me with “Copper Knob”.  I don’t know where he got the expression from but he loved my hair and meant it kindly.  I used to pretend I hated him saying it but, of course, I really liked the attention.

Over the years, the highlights faded and I started to add blonde highlights to blend in with the increasing grey.  Nowadays, grey has taken over and I am naturally pepper and salt.  If only it would go white, like my mother’s did, I’d be satisfied.

Last week, I took the plunge and applied henna, knowing that grey hairs tend to dye orange.  I thought it was a risk but my husband had already done his and was pleased with the improvement in condition.  He persuaded me and I didn’t regret it.  I could have done with a little more henna – I have so much hair!  Next time I will take care of the light patches that still exist on the brow-line.  The result is not quite a “Copper Knob” but is certainly better than it was.


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