7.1 – I Got There in the End

Apple’s latest mobile operating system has been around for over half a year. So why, you may wonder, did it take me until this month to finally get it installed on my iPad? It’s a long story, but I’ll simplify it; I have become a little afraid of modern technology and am failing, in general, to keep up.

It never used to be like this. I was in on PCs from the early days and working with them from the mid-80s. Once I had the internet at home, I couldn’t keep away from it and was never afraid to tinker; even ‘lifting the bonnet’ was not beyond me.

Then I had a long spell without a computer of my own – well, long in technology terms, 3 years. I got an iPad 2 years ago and apart from the occasional use of my husband’s 5 year old laptop, that’s it. Naturally, I fell very behind new developments. I am seriously considering buying myself a laptop soon but suspect that I will not get full use out of it, unless I can persuade a kindly soul to give me a few catch-up lessons.

The delay in upgrading to ios 7.1 was caused by several little niggles that sent me round in loops trying to resolve them. I was in a catch 22, whereby everything I wanted to do with the kit required the upgrade; but I had run out of disk space and couldn’t delete stuff because – oh well, never mind, I got there in the end. It took a full afternoon of head scratching, deep thinking and panic sweats but it was worth it. Now I have what seems to me like a brand new bit of kit to get to grips with; and at last I have the WordPress app, which should make posting a little easier.


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