Zaytoun Foods from Palestine, and Some Reflections, Links and Recipes

Such a well constructed article with a different perspective on the Middle East conflict. Excellent links and recommendation too, we’ll worth following up.

I’d like to add another link, which although from 2002, has recently gone viral again, due to the recent conflict:

Kitchen Counter Culture

“Gaza death toll rises above 200, Israel suffers first casualty.”  That’s the first news that comes up on my screen. Pretty awful times in Palestine and Israel too right now, the airstrikes and deaths and destruction, and the terrible racist rhetoric, and lots of violence against anti-occupation Jewish activists as well.  And the sirens and anxiety in Israel itself.

Peaceful people watching this situation, ones who can imagine different scenarios of justice and resolution and a politics that recognises multiple points of view, are anguished.  Might does not make Right.  But Might can demand an echoing vengeance of trauma through generations, through the souls of people who lose loved ones, family, friends, properties, trees, gardens, homes– and turn that despair into revenge and rage, or not.

I feel a sense of muddled hope in how hard Jewish anti-occupation activists work.    Jewish Voice for Peace in California does amazing analysis, education and organising.  

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