The Full of Fitness Food – not!

We were recently discussing my particularity when it comes to flavours of commercial yoghurt.  In general, I prefer to eat my homemade, strained, natural yoghurt, but I am tempted by some shop bought ones too. There are some flavours though that I just can’t touch and it stems back to childhood.

I can remember a time before yoghurt was consumed at home.  Alongside spaghetti (which either came in yard long, exotic looking, blue packets from Italy, or out of tins, smothered in sweet, luminous, orange sauce), yoghurt was not something familiar to my traditional, Cornish household.  I was 1 year old when Captain Birds Eye introduced his first fish finger and 8 when sickly Ski yoghurt became available, along with the jingle “Ski, the Full of Fitness Food”.  The following is from a BBC article on the subject:

“Just 60 years ago, the yoghurt market did not exist. It was only really found in health shops. But in 1963, Swiss-invented Ski was launched in the UK. With added sugar and real fruit it was an instant hit and launched a yoghurt revolution on our supermarket shelves.”

New flavours kept arriving and two stick in my mind, as they stuck in my throat; orange and hazelnut.  The first was particularly synthetic and artificial and the later smelt to me of puke.   To this day, I can’t eat citrus or nut flavoured yoghurts, unless I’ve flavoured them myself.


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