New Political Map

It’s harder to mix
with people who chomp
on muscle and blood and bone.

It’s tough being kind
when it’s my choice to be
free of that meat shit, thanks very much.

When my dog sniffs my mouth
she know instantly
her keeper prefers to be dead meat free.

I rescued a goat from a barbed wire fence
and divined in her, trust,
that she was safe.

Experiencing that
as a spiritual gift
changes one irrevocably.

To spout publicly
I have no right and
gives you the right of reply.

“Hypocrite!”, because I eat fish.
Sea life, see life,
see food and I eat it.

“You’re fat anyway,
so what right have you,
pick on my dietary habits?”

None … none, no right at all.
Just leave me to be.
And if I don’t want to watch

you at the trough,
understand, you make too much fuss
about what I do or don’t do.


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