Full Moon Inspired

Years ago, I used to have a little PC utility that sat in my sidebar and gave me excellent moon lore as well as being an accurate almanac. It was called LunaBar and a search today told me that the original website is no longer available, although TimeLords Astrology (http://www.timelordsastrology.com.au/links.htm), still offer the download. Sadly, there is nothing like this for my ipad. The screenshot below is from my current app and is a pale substitute. I am on a search for something better and more like LunaBar.

The other photos are from my journal; two works in progress inspired by the full moon and by black ink splodges from a spill of ink on my work table last night. I used the material closest to hand to mop up – doodle sheets. Doodle sheets (idea from Christy Sobolewski, Jennebellie and others) are scrap paper, recycled book pages etc. where paint brushes are wiped before washing, pens are tested, stencils and stamps are cleaned off. They then become places to doodle, experiment, try out ideas and so on. In turn, they make new journal fodder, as here. The ink blots became this scary looking Faye figure and also a perambulating, robed dinosaur, with his owl friend.


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