Rest Assured …

this is a now of incubation,
of arising from stagnation
of no aBombination.

This being a good time for any of us to finally decide which skills we want to hone; for nobody will decide for us (unless they are enablers and do we want to delegate our decisions to them?). Some feel they have no choice and others feel their lives are full of choices. I am among people, including myself, who have decided we want something and are making our bids and pleas, that enablers may enable and create our particular dream in reality.

In my experience, it doesn’t work that way. The enablers have their own unique vision of what needs to be done. If that say they will help you, they are destined to let you down. I have done so to others, I am sure of it. “No” seems to be the hardest word to execute, while maintaining compassion. Instead we say; “Oh maybe.”‘ “I should think so.”, “Why not?”. All the while we hope this time will be different, that we really mean it and can execute our own dreams magnificently with one hand tied behind our back.

Be wary; only ask for right help, judging with discernment when others can aid you to your goal without sacrificing their own plans.

This may sound a little preachy. They are only thoughts to myself and not directed elsewhere.


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