Up The Anti …

… A friend of mine likes to Ruffle Feathers;
he hit the niall on the head.

Too many remain compliant –
of course they dowse their heads in ice water
because they are bullied to it.
Bullying takes many forms
but sit-on-my-face-book has to be the worst.

I find my blood boil
when I am at that dreadful site.
Despairing at my contacts with rising anger,
“These are my friends?!?”
Of all sadnesses to see my own family
succumbing to the bullies;
the workplace, the social crew, flesh and blood.

Society expects you to do your duty in the name of Charity.
You don’t care about that charity.
I know you and I just don’t believe you.
You were motivated only to conform.

In this world, standing out as different and refusing the mainstream path,
means you are just too fucking weird.
I am sorry for you.


One thought on “Up The Anti …

  1. It was pointed out to me that this is a rather hard tone and may well give offence or be hurtful to specific individuals. If this is so, than I am truly sorry and would simply point out that it reflected a mood I was feeling at the time. This is true of all my posts. Very often, I feel quite differently about what I have posted when I see it sometime later. If I always stopped to reflect on what I have written, I would probably never post anything and I maintain that spontaneity is what marks this blog out as part of me.

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