I Offer You My Hand …

Within the mælstrom of right and wrong
I offer you my hand
As I help you
And you help me
To reach the promised land.

Tom Lescher

I love this guys’ wacky yet very knowledgeable astrology reports.  If you don’t take to his style, the part that particularly grabbed me about this episode is around 12:13 in.  This is where he starts to talk about “inlakesh” (a word I was familiar with from the band of didgeridoo musicians, yet I didn’t know it’s meaning).  Apparently it means “I am another you.”  This, and all the talk about mirrors and Justice and Libra, makes so much sense to me just now.

Also, a bit before this, he talks about the unity of sky god and Gaian goddess, before time.  This also resonates for me with other indicators that are cropping up in my life.

If astrology, mythology or archetypes are your thing, I urge you to take a listen.  This guy speaks from the heart.


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