Bight of the Twin preview

I feel privileged to have been “introduced” to the hoodoo twin, the doll image s/he now wears around her neck, when I shook hands with Genesis at Reverence festival.  I am really looking forward to the release of this documentary.


Homesick for a Friend

I do miss Cornwall sometimes, can’t deny it.  And, even though living there again seems unrealistic, I hold a certain dream close to my heart.  I am minded of my Mother’s words a few years before she died, “I’ve been away too long now.”

So because I feel nostalgic, and because I can, here is a taste of Cornish brogue for you.  It was produced in 2012 by Denzil Monk and Will Coleman and it is my favourite video from home.  It has snippets of a year of Cornish celebrations and glimpses from around the whole county.

I also want to add this link, which strongly connects me to a very special person, who takes care of Cornwall in my absence (love you Jules).  It is a trailer for a Cornish themed novel, by the excellent author, Dr. Alan Kent(