It’s been a long while since I posted a journal entry on here. This one relates to the worthy, knitters #titsoutcollective, as dreamt up and manifested by the amazing Countess Ablaze— indie dyer from Manchester.


Do you prefer Wyrd? I know I do.

Will I outlast this batch of liquid soap that I’ve just made? I only used a small jar of leftover ends of soap to make it (about 8ozs.), so it’s a very economical thing to do. I used the Wikihow basic method; https://m.wikihow.com/Make-Liquid-Soap-from-Soap-Leftovers and used cedarwood, lemongrass and mandarin EOs to scent it.

Up in Castle Wood, I Saw a Buzzard (or the power of 3 & 9)

A special dream catcher that I made in 2004, with much personal and positive energy attached. It’s going to be renewed, re-energised and gifted to a little girl who is having bad dreams.

⋘Brimful of Asha?⋙ ♊₨🔆🌘🌞♠Δ

St. John’s Wort – to the power of 3? No silly, it’s not for your own healing. I like to work with odd numbers in my personal work but this tincture will be mainly for someone else, so even number energy is better.


Magic in the Morning Light

It is a spectacular season for toadstools around this neck of the woods. This little fairy ring of toadstools, growing through moss on our wall, is especially captivating in early morning sunlight.

When you do an time filling online test and think “Yes!!!”…

Strathmore Worshop – March 2016 – Graham Smith

Great idea to include in sketchbooks; pre-painted circles to be used when the inspiration strikes to doodle faces …

Graham Smith challenges us with his …

“Old school production rules:
– Never re-draw what you can trace.
– Never trace what you can cut out and paste.”