Art Journal – Video Inspiration

I love everything Marizateria does.  Her work is so fresh and expressive.



A page from my journal.

A page from my journal.

The quote, from SARK, reads “Try this; consider your dreams and talents your savings accounts.  Begin spending some.  Tell people you live from a ‘trust fund’ (your own trust in yourself).  Begin to study money as an energy in your life.”

All Possibilities are True

An experiment in journaling, using the method of Nicolaïdes who, as I understand it, taught his students to draw the outline of an object without looking at the paper. This is an entry in my “Possibilities” journal – an a4 ring binder, with cheap writing and recycled scrap paper. It is a place where I feel total freedom to experiment with unfamiliar ideas such as this.

This sketch is my drawing of the full moon. I love it because I was simply attempting to draw the lines of light, the highlights and dark spots. Without intention, I arrived at this face. It is for pages like this that I journal; my personal discovery of the man in the moon.

I have changed the photo of the drawing to negative, as it shows up better this way.

Random Caricature

Experiment with Liquitex Paint Markers, derwent sketching (dark was), Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft

Experiment with Liquitex Paint Markers, derwent sketching (dark wash), Caran d’Ache Supracolor Soft

This page from my sketchbook journal illustrates the kind of work I enjoy most.  It started from me accidentally dripping paint from a new paint marker on the page and the blob of paint morphed into this woman.

It is a form of doodling I suppose.  I had nothing in mind when I started pushing the paint around but somehow she just appeared on the page.  I feel this kind of work is more like revealing what is already there, rather than a conscious art piece.